3 Month Suboxone Addiction – Help to Quit

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Suboxone Addiction – Help to Quit

The subject of this blog post is taken from another that I found via a web-search for Suboxone Addiction.  I am making a post about this question because it is a common one that I get asked here and I believe it is more of a problem than we know about– and the main reason I started this website was to help others with this problem.

I will post quotes from the full blog post titled 3 Month Suboxone Addiction – Help to Quit found here.

This post also discusses the authors real-world taper off of Suboxone using a very gradual taper which is illustrated using the self-made Taper Charting Tool

Have Been Addicted to Roxycodone For Almost 2 Years

I have been an addict to Roxycodone for almost 2 years, I have attempted to quit multiple times using the cold turkey method first, which helped me mentally and physically because it gave me a new aspect on life. However, I only stayed clean for maybe a month and slipped back in the hole.

This is a common start to the story, an addiction to a powerful opiate like Ocycodone and then getting some form of help which leads to Suboxone Treatment for Opiate Addiction.

Used Suboxone for Opioid Addiction thinking it is Safer and/or Better

After some talk with my friends, they persuade me to not use Methadone because there is a great chance of becoming addicted, so instead they told me Suboxone would never get me addicted because it never gets you high.

Again, this is so common and I think so far the original poster is taking the right path.  I think Suboxone Treatment saves a lot of lives and helps people break free from the strong opiate (oxycodone, etc.) addiction that destroys lives but in my humble opinion it leads to people dependent on Suboxone or who find it very hard to break free from the Suboxone.

Failed Quitting Suboxone – Tried Quitting Suboxone Unsuccessfully

The first few times trying to quit off Suboxone I failed but eventually this last time I successfully quit the “blues”. I took the suggested dose of suboxone 2mg 2x a day and was doing fine, with mild w/d effects. Every once in a while I would do an extra 2mg when I would get depressed or start craving the “blues”…

There are so many variations to this persons; story but the basic story is the same, the person broke free from the Oxycodone stronghold but is now dealing with a less-destructive but equally as challenging problem.  Quitting Suboxone is very difficult and not many doctors admit this up front– I’m convinced that many doctors don’t believe it much like psychiatrist didn’t believe in SSRI withdrawal.  It took years before psychiatrists’ and drug manufactures (and FDA) believed in SSRI withdrawal or SSRI discontinuation syndrome but now it is widely accepted.

Suboxone is Very Strong Medicine – Much Stronger Than Doctors Seem To Believe

My theory is that doctors do not realize how strong Suboxone is and they underestimate how a 2mg dose can cause an addiction.  I recall certain doctors saying that anyone noticing withdrawal from a 1mg Suboxone dose is not really experiencing withdrawal and it is “all in their mind”.

First of all – isn’t withdrawal always “in our mind”?  That is a rhetorical question.

Want To Quit Suboxone But Cannot

The last part of the post that I’ll talk about is the part where the original poster talk about how they believe it is time to quit and they feel that being on Suboxone is not being “really clean”.

This is a hotly debatable topic, are you really clean when on Suboxone or not?

I used to say “Yes” but am leaning more towards “No’ after a few years experience and/or exposure to the medication through myself or friends.  I think an addict should be proud of breaking free of Oxycodones’ and getting on a Suboxone treatment plan by a Suboxone doctor but I also think that the addict needs to remember they are still dependent.

I have noticed recently I have been seeing signs of addiction towards the Suboxone; things such as getting depressed, feeling tired all the time unless I do another dose of suboxone, and craving doses a lot. I think it is time to give up Suboxone and getting completely clean. I am a student in College and am holding a job, and I have made it this far without being clean because I don’t ever have the time to quit and deal with w/d.

The original poster said their dose was currently at 8mg daily, which in my opinion is pretty high, much higher than probably needed but I am not a doctor and everyone is different.  I personally feel that any addict after they have gone a month without Oxycodones can wean down to 4mg daily without much physical discomfort.

I also believe it is not that difficult to wean down to 1mg Suboxone daily over a period of a month, even from an Oxycodone addiction from as much as 120 – 240mg daily.

My personal experience is that you need a front-loaded dose of Suboxone, something in the neighborhood of 8mg – 24mg daily for a few days and can then taper down to 8mg daily for the first week after.  Depending on how strong of an addiction you came from it shouldn’t be hard to taper to 1mg of Suboxone daily within 30 days.

Tapering To 1mg Suboxone Daily is Not That Hard

I have found that going below 1mg of Suboxone the point where things start becoming challenging. But again this information is being provided for entertainment purposes only and all dose amounts should be provided by your doctor and followed exactly.

The original poster also said:

My daily routine:

– I wake up and immediately insufflate 2mg, I go to my job or school and last 4-5 hours later when I insufflate another 2mg, then in 3 hours I insufflate another 2mg. Recently, I insufflate another 2mg in another 2 hours.

I have to say that this is a bad idea.  You should not snort Suboxone for one it is not an efficient means of treatment and wastes the medication not to mention you don’t know what the side-effects are from taking medication that way.  There is no recreational value to snorting Suboxone, generally speaking from what I have seen.  There is little to no recreational value in Suboxone period from what I’ve seen and experienced.

How To Quit Suboxone For Good – Long, Slow, Gradual Tapering

I believe that tapering from any addictive medication is the way to go IF you can do it. Tapering from a highly addictive substance like Oxycodone is nearly impossible because it is so addictive and because it has such a short half-life.

Half-life basically means the number of hours before one half the useful part of the medication is removed from your body. Oxycodone has a very short half life in the neighborhood of six hours so if you rail 30mg of Oxycodone at noon half that is gone by 6pm and nearly all of it gone within 24 hours.

Suboxone Has a Very Long Half Life

Suboxone has a super long half-life compared to Oxycodone, approximately 37 hours and it is different for everyone, could be as high as 60 hours in some people on other medications with over-worked liver.  The difference between a medication having a 6 hour half-life and a 37 hour half-life is night-and-day.

Suboxone Half-Life Night-and-Day Difference Compared to Oxycodone

You can check out the Half-Life Elimination Charting Tool on this site to experiment with how long medications stay in your system based on half-life.  The tool was developed by a programmer and is for entertainment purposes only but it will give you an idea of the differences between a 6 vs 37 hour half-life medicine.

The tool works for any medicine that has a linear half-life as long as you use the same unit of measure for example use dose in milligrams, grams, micro-grams,  oz, etc., it doesn’t matter as long as the dose is numeric and consistent.  If you took 1.2 grams of a medicine one day and 200mg the next day just enter 1,200 milligrams and then 200mg using the common denominator of “milligrams”.

Suboxone Half-Life Elimination Tool – Suboxone Tapering Tool


** For educational purposes only I am not a doctor – I am a computer programmer who used basic half-life elimination formulas to develop the tool.

If you open the tool, you will need to have Microsoft Silverlight on your computer.  You may already have Silverlight, but if not you will be prompted to install it.  You can run the tool on non-Microsoft computers such as Mac or Linux.


The Real Secret To Quitting Suboxone

I think that a very long, shallow taper is the way to get off Suboxone with little or no discomfort.  When I say long, I am thinking of at least one month to go from 1mg daily to nothing.  Getting to 1mg daily of Suboxone is a walk-in-the-park but going below 1mg starts becoming challenging and I would never wish anyone go “cold-turkey” from any dose of Suboxone heaven forbid 8mg daily.  I an not a doctor and you need to get all dosing information from your doctor. This information is being provided as an opinion and possibly something you can suggest to your doctor and ask your doctor if it is something they are willing to allow you to do.

My Personal Taper From Suboxone

First three days 24mg Suboxone, then three days at 16mg, then two days at 12mg to finish out the first week.  After getting past the first week you have bypassed the hardest days of opiate withdrawal.  From then on a moderate taper down to 4mg Suboxone daily.  I then took another TWO full months to taper from 4mg to zero taking the last month to go from 1mg to zero by cutting Suboxone strips into very thin tiny (almost as small as a pin head) that when you put under your tongue you barely taste the “orange” stuff.

Getting to 1mg isn’t really so tough and if you take it slow enough you will be able to quit.  This was my personal experience and should not be used by anyone without approval and guidance from your doctor!!

Notice this first month chart, how it loads heavy at first to curb the hard part of opiate withdrawal and ramps down fast to a lower dose.  You would be surprised how STRONG 4mg of Suboxone is once you break the Oxys.  In fact 2mg Suboxone can kill some pretty bad withdrawal if you give it a few hours time (patience!!!) and let yourself experience a little discomfort.

Good luck!!

Planning a Drug Taper

The Tool for creating this graph was made by a programmer (me) and only does a month at a time for now but I will update it to do more as soon as I get time. 🙂


View larger image HERE or open the Suboxone Taper Charting Tool HERE


Professional software engineer and part-time website developer. Created this site to help those needing to taper from addictive drugs without attending a full-blown drug treatment program. This site is supported entirely by advertising revenue, if you are planning to purchase something from Amazon, please navigate to Amazon using one of our links so that we might earn a small referral fee - it won't affect your pricing and you'll be able to return the favor at no cost to you. Please don't click other advertisements unless you are sincerely interested in the product so that we won't be penalized for invalid clicks. Thank you for your support.

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3 Responses

  1. stacey says:

    I just was interested to know how bad the withdrawels when you went from 8 to 1mg? (the golden question) I have been on subs for 2 years, I was on suboxone, then subutex and just switched to strips. (which, I actually felt withdrawels from just switching from subutex to strips) I was able to work and that is mainly my concern. I just remember the wds from opiates, so , I guess that is why I am so scared of them.. I think i will have more success from the strips but i just want some reasurrance that I will be a “functional” person when I do theese half tapers. I plan to go from week to week, like you did. My goal being 2 months. Im ready. I havent relapsed in 2 years and have no desire to ..just want off these damn subs,.
    any input would be so appriciated.

    • Richard says:

      Getting from 8mg to 1mg probably takes the average person 2-4 weeks if they want to keep it comfortable. Stretching to 8 weeks makes it a breeze. Getting below 1mg is when things start getting sucky. Good job on going 2 years, relapsing is something we all deal with and sigh, well, opiates are addictive as hell. Yes you will be functional on taper, IF you take it slow, go a minimum on ONE WEEK before lowering dose, when you are getting down that low, why rush it because a strip will last you a whole week, once you get below 1mg a strip last 2 weeks or more. You can quit buprenorphine without it having a negative effect on your life or job, nobody will notice. you might feel crappy for the first hour or two in morning while you wait for your micro-dose to kick, but you’ll be fine. Nothing like going cold turkey from oxys or anything like that, I almost had to go to the hospital, and was bed ridden for 4 days and had hard time getting out of bed for the rest of the week, the second week sucked, but after a few weeks I was on the road to recovery. I prefer going the Suboxone route, just don’t get too hooked on them and know that they are freaky strong, way more than your doc tells u. My doc prescribed four freaking 8mg strips a day– crazy– I had a friend that got four and he sold three of them for $20 bucks a piece it paid for his treatment plus some, that’s $60 income every day leaving you one strip for your self– of course that would be illegal so I don’t recommend it too risky.

    • Richard says:

      Going from 8mg to 1mg after being on subs for 2 years is going to be a little painful. I don’t think it will be as bad as you think because 1mg suboxone/burprenorphine packs a good punch. It is my humble opinion that once you start going over 1 or 2mg that you are in the area of diminishing returns. I personally think doctors prescribe too high of doses, I was started on four 8mg’s a day and that I felt GREAT as you can imagine but I could have started on 16mg and felt normal, but I’m not a doctor so consider this information as rumor or entertainment. I have no medical degree or training so this is only opinion of a computer programmer.

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