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Drug Half-Life Elimination & Suboxone Taper Planning Tool 

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Cold-Turkey Suboxone Taper

Suboxone will build up in your system because the half-life is very long, it takes about 37 hours before half the active drug has been removed from your blood.  This is an average, if you take many medications or are older the length of time may be significantly higher.

Due to the long half-life withdrawal on day one after cold-turkey will not be too bad, and day two through seven are a rapid descent from normal to hell-on-earth. The withdrawal will get worse over the next three do five days peaking at around seven to ten days. This is my opinion you should contact your doctor with questions about how the drug might affect you.

Suboxone Cold Turkey

Suboxone 10 x 16mg  – Then Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey Suboxone - 14 Days of 16mg

Day 12-30 Withdrawal







T h i s  i s   h o w   t o  N O T  t a p e r . . .



Warm-Turkey Suboxone Taper with a two tiered drop down in dose

The next taper example is much better than the cold-turkey, but still has a rapid drop off in blood levels after the first week but the taper after that is more gradual and would be easier than a full “cold-turkey”.

There is technology available that can actually help with this problem, it is a LOCKED dispensing device where you can literally LOCK your doses and you can only access them according to your plan. I wish they had this before I went COLD-TURKEY.

You can find details right here.




Use the Taper Charting Tool to create a personalized taper plan that minimizes withdrawal.


This plan is better but still too sharp after the first week.




 Maintain Strict Dose Schedule 

 [pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]Costs less than two Oxy 30’s and will save you 100 times that in the long run[/pullquote]

This watch on Amazon allows you to program in medication dose times and reminders so that you can follow a strict taper plan?  The cost is around $34.64 with Free Shipping which is less than the street price for just two tiny Oxycontin 30 milligram pills. You can get a pill scheduling watch at my f a v o r i t e on-line merchant, Amazon.com and the cost is around $34.64 shipped.


[error]It goes without saying that any changes to your medication must be directed by your doctor or health-care professional. This information is being provided for purely entertainment purposes and while the half-life elimination computations are intended to be as accurate as possible the simulations are being done by a computer-programmer and not a doctor or scientist.[/error]

Taper Charting Tool  – Use it here

If the Taper Charting Tool does not open below, you can try going to the dedicated page. The tool is written in Silverlight so you may be prompted asking for permission to run/install the Microsoft Silverlight embedded run-time library. You can use the tool to slow taper from alcohol, suboxone, buprenorphine, oxycodone, adderall or other addictive opiates.

 c l i c k  b e l o w  t o  r u n  t h e  Drug Tapering Calculator



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