Stay Tuned! – The NEW Suboxone Taper Charting & Half Life Elimination Game is near!

The Suboxone Taper Charting & Half Life Elimination Tool is in the final BETA testing – Stay tuned for Version 2 of the already popular entertainment tool, exclusively on Subotex.Com.

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I’d like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the positive feedback about the first version of the Suboxone taper chart.  It feels great to help others in learning more about the general concept of how a long half-life medication like Suboxone can stay in your body for a  long time, and that it should be respected and taken exactly as your doctor prescribed.   As always I welcome any feedback positive or negative.

Unlike some other software programs that have been promised for month after month this one is going live on or before July 10th, you can quote me on that.  I know the feeling of empty promises for months on end, for example Netflix for Android (Thunderbolt) which was supposed to be just around the corner back in 2010.  The same goes for Hulu plus which has been promising that Android is right around the corner… what corner are they talking about the turn of the next century? I love my HTC Thunderbolt with crazy Verizon 4GLTE speeds, but very disappointing to say the least, but I digress.
Suboxone Taper Chart – Taper yourself off without any withdrawal symptoms!

There were several GREAT requests for enhancements and fixes to the first version of the tool and the final bugs are being worked out.  The annoying as hell tab order problem will be fixed, so you can tab from day one, to day two, etc..

You will be able to enter up to THREE full months worth of data for a very comfortable 90 day taper plan!

You will be able to do “What-If” analysis, for example… “what if” you had 20 8mg Subotex tablets or strips and wanted to find the most gradual 90 day taperusing all 20 of the 8mg tablets?   This feature like all others is for purely entertainment purposes.  The program feature allows you to challenge your buddies in guessing the most efficient use of a certain number of tablets for a certain period of time, to determine the most gradual and gentle taper possible. Plus more cosmetic and minor changes coming.

I’ll be adding a donate button for those who might want to throw me a dollar or two for efforts.  The advertisements on pages do provide a very small amount off revenue but not enough to cover hosting costs.  I can appreciate the thinking that clicking an advertisement may be a way to compensate me, but please don’t click ads that aren’t something you were genuinely interested in anyway because advertisers could lose trust in me as a publisher and it could not only harm my reputation but it could get me banned as a publisher of ads.  If you like the tool consider sending me a dollar and I’ll forever be grateful… really!

If you have a website, and would like to have the Suboxone taper chart as part off your website, contact me and we can arrange a revenue sharing arrangement where we both earn a portion of revenue generated if an advertisement is clicked from within the main page of the tool.  If you would like to have the taper chart branded specific to your  website please contact me to discuss options.

IMPORTANT WARNING: Any use of the online Suboxone taper chart or information taken from it constitutes an immediate and complete release of ALL liabilities of Subotex.Com, its’ owners, its’ employees and its’ business partners from any wrongful death, physical harm, overdose or injury. This includes immediate and complete release of ALL criminal or civil liabilities that may occur as a result of using the Subotex Taper Chart in a manner other than purely entertainment.

  • I am not a doctor.
  • I am a computer programmer with no training in the medical field.
  • I have a very simplistic understanding of the concept of half-life elimination of medications from the bloodstream, and am not qualified to estimate the rate of elimination of ANY medication from any human or animal.
  • The tool was built for entertainment purposes only. No exceptions!
  • Never adjust your medication dosages without permission from your doctor, any change in dosage no matter how minor they might seem may result in death.

Stay tuned for the better, faster, prettier & funner Suboxone Half-Life Elimination Taper Chart.



Professional software engineer and part-time website developer. Created this site to help those needing to taper from addictive drugs without attending a full-blown drug treatment program. This site is supported entirely by advertising revenue, if you are planning to purchase something from Amazon, please navigate to Amazon using one of our links so that we might earn a small referral fee - it won't affect your pricing and you'll be able to return the favor at no cost to you. Please don't click other advertisements unless you are sincerely interested in the product so that we won't be penalized for invalid clicks. Thank you for your support.

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