Street Value Of Suboxone, Steet Value Of Other Opiates (Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Dilaudid, Subutex, Zubsolv)

Street Value of Various Opioid Medications

Suboxone Savings Hard To Find in 2014

Suboxone Savings Hard To Find in 2014

I would never condone buying medications this way.

I have been asked (several times) to solicit street pricing information from people across the world about prices for Suboxone, Suboxone Film, Oxycodone and just about any other opiate you can think of.

This is purely for entertainment purposes, it is sometimes funny to see what people are paying for things that our insurance buys for little to no copay.

I personally do not know how people can afford to buy on the street, but I am sure they have their reasons and we are not here to judge anyone.

Street Values For Suboxone & Other Opioids In Your Area?

I have been gathering information for a few weeks and have numbers for some of these opiate medications. If you have numbers for your city leave an anonymous comment please and I’ll update with your info. I might not be real fast but I will get it done.

Thanks for sharing it will be interesting to see the results. If I get enough of them I might make a nice graphic of the data.

Nothing Implied Here – Entertainment Only

Just because we might be interested in seeing what people pay for things we take, does not imply we would condone selling or buying anything on the street, for one it is illegal, and another you could be getting fake pills with dangerous cutting agents!

I speak for myself, have never, not once exchanged anything like this. I would be too nervous as a buyer (of dying) and too nervous as a seller of going to prison for a felony. But I do live in Florida and there is no shortage of people that know the under-world. So in the nature of entertainment…

Street Value Suboxone

MFG Deals on Buprenorphine

Savings Manufacturer for Buprenorphine

This section includes Buprenorphine as it is essentially the same thing as Suboxone but we will list some non-generic Buprenorphine equivalents. 

Orlando, Florida Area

Suboxone Film 8mg: $14 to $20 per strip, they are relatively easy to get.

Suboxone Tablet 8mg: $10 to $20 per tablet.

Suboxone Film 2mg: no market


Street Value of Butrans

Butrans20mcgThe only info I could find was on the transdermal patch and these estimates were not solid as there is apparently not a big market for it.

Orlando, Florida Area

Butrans Transdermal Patch 5mcg / Hour:  no market

Butrans Transdermal Patch 10mcg / Hour:  $5 – $8

Butrans Transdermal Patch 20mcg / Hour:  $8 – $12

Street Value of Subutex

Awaiting information

Street Value of Zubsolv

Awaiting information

Street Value of Oxycodone

This was the easiest one to figure out, apparently this is what everyone wants and the prices are CRAZY high.

Orlando, Florida Area

Oxy30Oxycodone 15 (aka Greens):  $10-$15 per pill !!

Oxycodone 30 (aka Blues): $20-$30  per pill !!

Oxycodone / APAP 10 / 325: $6 – $10

Oxycodone / APAP 5 / 325: $3 – $5 not much demand


Street Value of Hydrocodone

Orlando, Florida Area

Hydrocodone / APAP  5 / 325 or 5 / 500: $1 – $3 not much demand

Hydrocodone / APAP  10 / 325: $5 – $8

Hydrocodone / APAP  10 / 500: $5 – $6

Street Value of Dilaudid (Hydromorphone)

Orlando, Florida Area

Dilaudid 1mg Vial of Intravenous – $15 – $20

Street Value of Morphine

Awaiting information

Street Value of Demerol

Apparently these aren’t around anymore.

Street Value of Tramadol (yuck, people actually buy this that way)

Apparently very little value, possibly $1 or $2


Did I forget any others?  Probably. Again feel free to leave anonymous comments. Thank you.



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