Suboxone $50 Copay Card – Save Money on Suboxone For 2014

Suboxone $75 Copay Card

Suboxone Savings Card 2014

Save Money on Suboxone – Suboxone $50 Copay

I wanted to let everyone know that Suboxone is offering a $50 Copay Card again this year, it is good until the END of 2014!  If you are taking Zubsolv, there is a similar program to save you money. The Zubsolv Savings Card for 2014.

Details of the Save on SUBOXONE Film Program

  • Save every month on SUBOXONE film
  • If you use insurance, save up to $50 each month (typically means zero copay for privately insured patients)
  • If you are not using insurance, save $50 each month on 2mg or 8mg prescriptions.
  • If you are not using insurance, save MORE than $50 each month on 4mg or 12 mg prescriptions

Offers are applied at the pharmacy where you get your Suboxone filled.

Print Suboxone Savings Card Now

Print Suboxone Savings Card Now

Suboxone Savings and Free Month Amazon Prime – We Love You!

How Do You Take Advantage Of This Save On Suboxone Deal for 2015?

  1. Ask your doctor to write a prescription for Suboxone film.
  2. Print the savings card. Bring the card to your pharmacy when filling Suboxone
  3. Save through 12/31/2014 (limit one prescriptions per month)

Save money on Suboxone today with the Suboxone Copay card.



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